Housing Partnership Equity Trust

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Organization Background

The Housing Partnership Equity Trust (HPET) was launched as a social-purpose real estate investment trust (REIT) with an investment of $100 million from Citi, Morgan Stanley, Prudential Financial, Inc., the John D., and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, and the Ford Foundation. HPET provides a ready source of long-term, low-cost capital, enabling the 12 mission-driven nonprofits it partners with to quickly and efficiently acquire apartment buildings that provide quality homes for families, seniors and others with modest incomes.

Our Work

HPET was looking for an outside partner at the beginning of 2018 with the goal of strategically enhancing the organization’s annual report. In previous years, HPET’s annual report was a formulaic progress report that was void of storytelling, design, and images. As a real estate investment trust in a highly competitive space, HPET knew that they needed to find a more effective way to tell their story and the work they do across the country. We worked closely with the entire HPET staff to establish a compelling story, design, and format for the 2017 Annual Report with the goal of creating a product that immediately caught the attention of the organization’s partners, community members, and current and future investors. HPET saw a significant increase in engagement from their primary network after the release of the 2017 Annual Report, and we continue to support them on this effort.

Additionally, our work with HPET includes communications and public relations strategy to increase brand awareness and position HPET as a leading social-purpose REIT in the United States. We write press releases, update industry media lists, and develop relationships with key industry influencers.

"The process was a pleasure from start to finish. They helped us articulate what is most important about our company and communicate that value in ways that resonate with our broad and diverse base of stakeholders." - Anne McCulloch, President & CEO

The Takeaway

One of the resounding takeaways for our client was that an annual report doesn’t have to be dry and conventional. Story, design, and format all play crucial roles in securing the attention of any audience.

Housing Partnership Equity Trust